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Rhode Island Public Expenditures Council



RIPEC is recognized as a source for unbiased research and analysis on a wide range of topics and is at the forefront of the major issues facing state and local government. Whether by working inside government, promoting ideas and building coalitions from the outside, or through well-placed comments with the media, RIPEC is devoted to improving public services at a price citizens can afford.

Recent RIPEC accomplishments include:

  • Public Finance: RIPEC worked with State leaders to restructure and reduce the personal income tax system, reduce capital gains taxes, enact property tax cap legislation, phase-out the business inventory tax and change the frequency of property revaluation. In addition, RIPEC has played a critical role in reforming state government through landmark pension and health care reform.
  • Education: RIPEC worked with legislative leaders in the adoption of a school funding formula - the first in fifteen years - and developed school accountability initiatives which were translated into landmark education reform legislation (Article 31). RIPEC has also been involved in on-going research on consolidation options on Aquidneck Island and around the State.
  • Human Services: RIPEC partnered with the United Way to develop a comprehensive analysis of the State's social safety net and has been involved in efforts to monitor the State's progress on reforming entitlement programs.
  • Economic Development: RIPEC has worked with business leaders and General Assembly membership to improve Rhode Island's perceived business friendliness, including the passage of historic personal income tax reform legislation.

RIPEC is primarily funded though the contributions of its diverse membership. If you, or your company, are interested in supporting its work, please click here.